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Meet Joy  


Humble beginnings can make for an extraordinary living.


Joy's story as been unfolding, slowly, for some time now throughout the extraordinary life experiences she's had.


Back track a little; her childhood was a humble one. The oldest of 5 girls, Joy always found a way to make her own identity. Coming from a family of 7, money wasn't plentiful, and scrimping and saving was the norm. Shopping for clothing was done at local thrift stores and hand-me-downs were common. However, Joy's mom was a savvy shopper; hunting for the best bargains and skillfully spotting designer high-quality garments. Influenced by her Texas and Louisiana southern roots, Joy learned how to make patterns, sew and would often make doll clothes for the toys she shared with her sisters. This was her introduction to the world of fashion.


As a lover of beauty and the arts, Joy started styling her friends in middle school and helping them shop for trendy fashion. Continuing her passion, Joy went into modeling at age 15, posing for Kaiser Permanente in a medical brochure while she was a part of the Barbizon team in San Francisco, California. She quickly moved on to work in television, commercials, print and music (singing back ground vocals for local Bay Area artists). However, Joy’s passion for the arts goes well beyond TV and film. In 2015, after making the decision to leave Corporate America after 20 years, she began her journey as an entrepreneur and started her own fashion boutique, Lace and Happiness.  


Joy's story continues to unfold on the entrepreneurial front. She is in the process of writing her first book of memoirs', "The Joy I've Found", her life's story of survival, hardship, death, change and spiritual growth meant to inspire other women to push beyond the challenges of life, grow stronger and find their voice.  


Her vividly spiritual soul is a beacon of light that allows her to connect with her supports and loved ones alike. Joy's journey has not come to an end, it is only beginning. With added wisdom and experience, her passion to reach the masses with self-love, beauty and fashion will take her beyond this life into her legacy.  

lace and happiness
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