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Find Her. Love Her.

"Queens, love yourself first! For if we don't show others we come first, can we truly expect another to put us first?"

Self love is the greatest discovery of all.

In a society that constantly tells us we should seek outside ourselves for love and acceptance; that in order for us to feel accepted we must have "likes" to be loved, we must be over sexualized to be beautiful or we must be loose with our bodies to be empowered, it is becoming increasingly difficult to quiet our minds and turn within to discover the true beauty that we posses.

As women we wear many hats; daughter, mother, sister, wife, girlfriend, employee, caregiver...and the list can go on and on. But where do we find the time to discover ourselves and to celebrate who we are? Yes, we are bearers of life and we can proudly ware many hats and move with grace and ease as we do so; however, finding time to love ourselves and seek the essence of femininity we posses is the ultimate goal - alignment, balance.

Being a woman is not an easy task, and no one said it would be. Yet isn't it refreshing to know we can look within and proudly be reminded that we hold the key to life, in such a godly way. It is easy to constantly put others first in a world that demands not only our time, but our bodies, our mind and with a cost, our soul.

I am guilty of loosing myself, thinking that attaining "societies goals" of marriage, would define me as a woman. I soon realized, that because I did not take the time to discover myself and care for me first (self-love), I was no good to my husband, my children or myself in the end - a true injustice. After much healing, from childhood trauma and poor life choices, I found myself on a path of discovering self-love and appreciation for who I am and the value I posses. I realized how important sisterhood is. I began to understand that I needed to balance my dreams, along with my responsibilities. I learned the importance of taking care of what I needed to do for me in order to feel and perform at my best and stay in harmony (balance) with myself. Remembering to take care of myself first in order to take care of others, in addition to the many other things I do daily, is my responsibility and if I don't do this I will lose myself again. When we lose balance, we lose ourselves.

I understand this may sound a little selfish - and it is. But bear in mind sisters, we are the only ones that hold the key to our truest desires, our true happiness and our perfect alignment with The Creator. So work to find her and love her with all your mind, body and soul.

Peace and Blessings Queens!

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