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I Was Here

Have you ever thought about what you want your legacy to be? What gifts do you possess that you will share with the world? Consider the hearts you have touched with your unconditional love, patience and kindness. How often do we ask ourselves these questions? It is difficult to focus on leaving a legacy in today's society, when are constantly bombarded with images and music that promote us to live in the moment, party hard and spend money like there is no tomorrow. Leaving a legacy takes thinking about what you want future generations to look like and what impact you want to make because of your presence. Leaving a legacy means leaving the tale of your life, letting the world know you were here.

The mistakes I've made along the way and the love I've shared will all be a part of the legacy I leave. Lessons I have lived and suffered through, I will give back to others in hopes that I can reduce someone else's suffering. I believe in order to leave such a legacy, one has to bare their soul to the world; you must give the world you, the authentic you. This takes intimately knowing yourself. There will be pieces of yourself you hold back, because the world can be unkind; yet you will grow through that too and better come to understand the ways of this world.

I will live out my dreams so that others are encouraged to know they have the same strength to live out theirs.

Be encouraged and keep believing in yourself. Know you have purpose and value. You are here to leave your legacy and make the world a little bit better just because you are you. Start leaving your legacy today.


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